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The Delixie Company represents the collaboration of 3 factors: Health Conscious, Fun and Entertainment.  Each item is curated from the highest quality food ingredients and decorative entertaining solutions that provide the consumer with complete satisfaction from the moment the food is prepared, served and consumed.  The Delixie story started many years ago as a family tradition of rich, cultural heritage based on the ceremony of indulging in gourmet nuts. This not only brought together the enjoyable sharing of a healthy dessert but it also provided a moment in time of entertaining and enjoyment.  

The idea was simple – a selection of distinctly flavored gourmet food gifts that we would want for ourselves made with quality ingredients and the classic techniques of Europe’s finest chocolatiers. The package design would resemble a love letter sent from a distant land, and when unwrapped would be like a classic romantic poem. The content is clearly indicated on the front of each or our gift packages. The tasting queues are simple and approachable, and the price- affordable.

Thus Delixie was born!  

We invite you to take the time and see the Delixie way and style of food preparation, sharing and gifting and review our gourmet nut assortment of consumable goods and luxury gifts.

Delixie- Delicious Excitement!